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More and more Grand Forks / Fargo area residents are discovering that boilers are a smarter heating choice. And we're helping them see that. We're Ambient Heating & Cooling. And we know all about the benefits of using boilers in heating and cooling. After all, we've been installing and maintaining boiler systems for years.  Learn more. Contact Ambient Heating & Cooling, your Grand Forks - Fargo area heating and cooling authority.

What Is a Gas Boiler?

The boiler is the most important part of a central heating system. It's like a big fire that has a continuous supply of natural gas streaming into it from a pipe that goes out to a gas main in the street. When you want to heat your home, you switch on the boiler with an electric switch. A valve opens, gas enters a sealed combustion chamber in the boiler through lots of small jets, and an electric ignition system sets them alight. The gas jets play onto a heat exchanger connected to a pipe carrying cold water. The heat exchanger takes the heat energy from the gas jets and heats the water to something like 140°F.

The water pipe is actually one small section of a large, continuous circuit of pipe that travels right around your home. It passes through each hot-water radiator in turn and then returns to the boiler again. As the water flows through the radiators, it gives off some of its heat and warms your rooms in turn. By the time it gets back to the boiler again, it's cooled down quite a bit. That's why the boiler has to keep firing: to keep the water at a high enough temperature to heat your home. An electric pump inside the boiler (or very near to it) keeps the water flowing around the circuit of pipework and radiators.

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What Is an Electric Boiler?

A typical electric boiler heats water with a number of immersion heaters, which sit within the water itself, radiating heat. Electricity heats these components (sometimes coils), which then heat the water. A gas or oil heater usually features a bottom burner rather than immersion heaters. The water chamber itself is often a steel, cast iron or copper container, although other materials can be used. A circulating pump helps feed the boiler, and a tube output allows heated water to travel to the necessary location. Some units may include pressure relief valves and drain valves. Boilers also feature temperature and pressure gauges so that users can monitor the state of the water inside the boiler. Proper tank insulation is a relevant factor as well. To make sure your installation is done correctly, contact the professionals at Ambient Heating & Cooling!

Choosing a Boiler

If you are thinking about what sort of boiler to purchase to heat water in your home, you will have to choose between a gas boiler and an electric hot water boiler. To make the best decision possible, you should call Ambient Heating & Cooling today and let us know what application you are going to be installing it in. Once our professionals know the details of your project, we can make a decision together that best fits your needs. While neither boiler type is objectively better than the other, they both have features that are superior under different circumstances. Contact Ambient Heating & Cooling today and we will be happy to give you more information and help you decide what is right for you.

Boiler Cost - Setup and Bills

At first glance, gas boilers seem to be the superior choice when it comes to cost. Running a gas boiler to heat a home is much cheaper than running an electric boiler that provides the same amount of heat. With a gas boiler, your energy bills will be lower.
However, the truth is not quite so simple. For one thing, gas prices are volatile and will get more expensive, particularly in the long term. Because gas boilers last for a long time, the long term price of gas is something to consider. Additionally, gas furnaces cost more to set up than electric ones. While gas furnaces pay for themselves in the long term, it is possible that the increased up-front cost for the unit and its installation will cause you problems.

Fuel Availability

Gas is not available everywhere. Most locations will have gas lines, but if your home is isolated you may not have access to one. While this may be a point in favor of electric boilers, your location will never prevent you from choosing a gas boiler if you prefer it. In locations where gas is not available, you can still run a gas boiler, using deliveries of propane. However, this may prove inconvenient.

Boiler Waste Products

Using gas to power your boiler will lead to exhaust. While this is not an environmental disadvantage, because unless you have your own source of clean electricity, your electric boiler will be powered by a power plant that burns fossil fuels just like your gas boiler, the exhaust from your gas boiler can be an inconvenience. Gas boilers require a flue to vent exhaust outside. If you cannot vent exhaust outside, you cannot use a gas boiler, and must choose an electric boiler instead.
Surprisingly, a gas boiler will usually be more user-friendly than its electrical equivalent. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and the power plant that powers your electrical boiler is probably getting its energy from a dirtier fuel.

Size of the Boiler

The absolute smallest type of boiler is a tankless electric heater. If your primary concern is space, this may be the model for you.

Everyday Boiler Performance

In terms of everyday use, both an electric hot water boiler and its gas equivalent will do the job perfectly well. The notable difference between the boilers, however, is that an electric boiler will heat water much more quickly than a gas boiler.


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