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Ambient Heating & Cooling will help you understand air handlers & coils. We’ll make sure they are correctly installed, too. And when it comes time for service? Nobody does it better than us!  Located in the Grand Forks/Fargo area?  Call 701-757-1294 today.

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Grand Forks / Fargo area people in the know turn to Ambient Heating & Cooling for all their heating and cooling needs. They trust us to provide not only the correct installation and service but also the insight to help them maximize the potential from their heating and cooling systems. Thinking about an air handler system of your own? Then, contact us, the Grand Forks / Fargo heating and cooling experts at Ambient Heating & Cooling.

What Is An Air Handler?

The air handler and condensing unit are the two basic components to a split heat pump heating and air conditioning system.  The air handler is generally located inside the envelope of the home, either in a closet or in the attic.  The air handler blows air through the evaporator coil and then transfers it throughout the home or building using the duct work to ensure every room is getting the end result – heated or cooled air. 

What Is A Coil?

The coil, also known as an evaporator coil or an indoor coil, is the unsung hero of any home heating or cooling system. Its job, heat transfer, is one of the most important factors in achieving heating and cooling efficiencies that keep your home comfortable all year long.  An evaporator coil is located indoors and Ambient Heating & Cooling will either install it with your furnace or as part of your air handler. Inside the coil, the refrigerant evaporates as it absorbs heat from the indoor air that passes over it. The coil essentially serves as a “heat exchanger,” working with your heating system in the winter and your cooling system in the summer.

A dirty indoor coil lowers the efficiency and performance of your total system. To keep your system operating at design performance, have your coil cleaned regularly by Ambient Heating & Cooling.  A clean coil will yield higher performance and cleaner air in your home.

Installing the correct indoor or evaporator coil is essential for getting the highest performance and comfort from your central air conditioning or heat pump system. Consult Ambient Heating & Cooling for the best coil to match with your system. 


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